Our President and CTO is a telecom professional with a vision to inovate and deliver technology products that simplify our lives at work, at home and in between. He belives that experience is core motivator and game changer. Enriching our customer's experience and exceeding them is our companies core value.
He brings in years of technology experience in innovation and products.

BRAINDOK LLC is a fast growing technology company. We demonstrate experience and passion for innovation in emerging technologies and leverage them to help our clients implement best-in-class business solutions.

Braindok team has several years of experience in architecture, design and impletation of cloud infrastructure, virtualization and end user computing.
We provide cloud hosting services and consultancy services in cloud computing, mobile computing, cloud infrastructure, server consolidation , virtualization and end user computing.

We believe hosting server and managing compute and storage resources should be simple , easy, cost effective and fun. Our BRAINDOK CLOUD SERVICE enviornment provide a single glass pan management and help startup or Small business launch their projects in minutes. We are commited to deliver highest level of service and enrich our customer experience.

We help small, medium and large enterprise solve their complex business critical problem using emerging technologies. We help them understand and implement best practices; create, expand and optimize their infrastructure environment and lay out a winning strategy for success. We provide training and placement services to help our customer acquire, maintain and optimize their skill sets.

We help our customer develop comprehensive virtualization road map, build the enviornment with Tier 1 applications, decrease the physical footprint of compute enviornment , ensure business continuity , improve management of vitratual infrastructure with objective to achive efficiency and productivity reducing bottom line TCO.