Do more and enhance education while controlling IT costs
Reduced funding, rising costs and new technologies are some of the leading challenges faced by academic institutions. IT leaders in education are seeking ways to improve learning and meet the needs of diverse K-12 student, faculty and alumni populations while watching costs. VMware virtualization and cloud computing technologies can stretch budget dollars and extend the latest innovations to more students. Virtualization helps academic institutions of all sizes reduce their capital and operating expenses while improving education.
• Improve learning environments.
• Foster greater staff collaboration.
• Support business-critical administrative services.

Server Consolidation: Reduces cost 50% and Increases server utilization 80%
Desktop Virtualization: Improves Productivity, Reduces risks and Drive down Capital and Operational costs.
Cloud Computing: Builds a flexible, Automated Infrastructure and Deliver Services on demand.

Solution Overview
Transform Education Services With Your Cloud
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Datacenter Consolidation for Academic Institutions
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Solve Device Diversity and Deliver Online Tests with Ease
K-12 School initiatives such as shared or individually assigned devices for personalized learning and the Common Core State Standards Initiative for assessment of student progress are driving change in K-12 schools in the U.S. and abroad. VMware provides a platform that delivers a consistent student experience on any device. While giving IT the ease of management, security and control it needs to comply with both school policies and standardized assessment test requirements.
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